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A True Family Story:
Why one family couldn't wait for their wedding pictures...

A TRUE story that shows what photography can really mean


I want to tell you a true story, one that actually brings me to tears every time I tell it.

A few years ago I was asked to photograph a wedding. (Yes, I photograph weddings too.) Although I enjoy creating family portraits a little more, photographing weddings is always wonderfully emotional. Sometimes, it's the first time the entire family has been together in years. And the couple is probably at their absolute happiest on this day.

Now, normally I meet with the bride and groom three times before the wedding day so we can review the details for this special event. Well, at my second meeting with this one couple, the bride broke down crying.

Her father had been diagnosed with brain cancer. The family feared that he might not even live to SEE the wedding, much less walk his daughter down the aisle.

I suggested that we arrange for a family portrait at the parents home in Bowie as soon as possible. The bride and her family loved the idea of doing this while the father retained some outward appearance of health...and new plans were made.

Well, the family portrait made at the family home WITH THE AILING FATHER came off without a hitch. The bride's mother was especially pleased with the portraits and thanked me for creating such cherished memories for her and her family to keep forever.

The wedding was perfect. Happily, the father of the bride DID walk her down the aisle, but he was visibly ailing and unable to pose for more than a couple pictures on their wedding day. The family was SO thankful that they had the family portraits made earlier!

Tragically, before the happy couple could even review the wedding photos, the father had passed away. They had come SO CLOSE to not having photos that included him!

The family realized that the one thing that can never be replaced--that we MUST hold on to--are the memories we share with those we love.

That story sums up the reason I became a photographer. Creating photographs that mean that much to people--I can't imagine anything that would make me feel more fulfilled as an artist.

Life is so terribly short. But, at the same time, life is such a wonderful gift. And the memories we keep of these moments with our family will last forever.

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